Lean Manufacturing workstation with roller lanes

Lean Manufacturing for BG Log UK

Lean Manufacturing is an important variation on the efficiency theme that aims to achieve the maximum result in the workflows management by reducing waste until they are deleted.

Our solutions include: Manual Carts, Fixed and mobile gravity shelves, picking solutions, LCA (Low Cost Automation) and modular and flexible workstations for Lean Manufacturing.

Through Lean Manufacturing, it is possible to create modular structures composed of specific brackets and tubes with a diameter of 28 mm, which correctly assembled, allow the creation of workstations totally designed on the needs of the customer.

Whatever the need, by relying on our specialized team you will have the certainty to receive the best solution, from a construction and dimensional point of view.

There is no more functional structure on the market than one created in collaboration with the end user.

In every solution designed, special attention is always paid to ergonomics and safety, because we are sure that an optimal workstation cannot ignore these two aspects.

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