Flow Racks solutions

Flow Racks solutions for the automotive sector

The BG Log project

Flow Racks solutions

In this article we would like to introduce you to one of the latest BG Log projects: the construction of several Flow Racks for a well-known company in the automotive sector. It has allowed the completion of a new assembly line.

The flow rack or first-in-first-out rack allows the containers to flow naturally, from the line to the operator, thanks to simple dynamic roller conveyors on which the force of gravity acts.

Specifically, our customer requested a solution capable of hosting all the boxes necessary for assembly, no more, no less.

Scarce resources, such as energy and raw materials, elements that are increasingly expensive and difficult to find. Analyzing the market allows, in fact, to create structures able to contain what is required for production.

Flow Rack
Flow Rack

Safety and ergonomics, fundamental aspects of flow racks

The flow racks handle the material safely, because we apply the containment edges along the entire roller conveyor, so as to avoid the materials falling and possible injuries for the operators.

Safety and ergonomics are two main aspects of flow rack solutions. We create a space to allow operators to remove the components, without the risk of “getting their fingers”, and the same happens during the loading phase on the roller conveyors.

The injuries represent a cost as well as serious reputational damage. Reducing them is possible, even without large investments.

Flow rack solutions are easy to implement and to maintain in the long term, bringing, in a short time, a positive ROI.

Space is not the only precaution to pay attention to, also the  the roller conveyors  slope must be studied, to ensure that the boxes slide without the risk of overturning, creating possible damage along the assembly lines.

Flow Rack solution
Flow Rack solution

Static or dynamic Flow Rack

The flow racks can be static or dynamic, it depends on the warehouse needs.

The static solutions have feet that can also be adjustable in height, so as to have a flexible and ergonomic system, which adapts to the operators needs.

The dynamic solutions have the wheels, two of which with brakes, which are positioned on the line side.

The dynamic solutions have the wheels, two of which with brakes, which are positioned on the line side. This is to have an easier manoeuvrability of the solution.

So it can be transported on the production lines, so that if the layout of the production area changes, you can simply move the flow racks. without having to buy new structures.

The wheels with brakes allow, in fact, to lock the flow rack, once the ideal position has been identified during the assembly phase.

Better management of the space and stocks

Flow racks are designed to manage space efficiently.

Once the contents have been removed from the box, the operator will place it on a lane for the empties return, so as to create a closed production loop.

The flow rack is replenished with new material and at the same time the empty cassettes are withdrawn. A continuous cycle, which allows you to take up less space, without interruptions.

Inventory management is based on the FIFO (First-in-first-out) system, so that the first container inserted is the first to be picked up by the operators.

Visual Management

During the assembly phase, each box contains several components.

Without visual management it risks slowing down and creating errors in production.

Operators could waste time searching for materials, or the boxes could be placed on the wrong flow racks.

Each lane is designed and adapted, based on the containers and components to be handled.

Each racks lane has kanban holder tags, which identify the specific material through a simple code.

In this way, the errors are avoided, making the equipment immediately visible to the operators.

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