Modular Flow Racks

Modular Flow Racks

Our latest project

BG Log is producing 80 Flow Racks for the automotive sector. They will complete a new production line, and will support operators in the picking and material handling.

Flow Racks will increase the efficiency of the production line, reducing costs and optimizing the warehouse space.

At the same time they will guarantee the ergonomics, necessary to reduce the operators efforts, both on the loading side and on the material picking up side.

Flow Racks are built to bring the materials as close as possible to the work area, reducing the operators movements, the handle of the parts, the picking errors (by the application of kanban holder tags or pick to light systems), ensuring that the operator can work in a safe and ergonomic way.

Modular Flow Racks

We designed Flow Racks with BG Smartube tubular profile, “Made in Italy”, with 3 loading levels and one for the return of empty boxes, positioned at the top.

Each level, equipped with 12 rollers, to support a specific amount of load units.

In addition, the solution has 4 document holder.

Modular Flow Rack
Modular Flow Rack

Modular Flow Racks

The BG Log UK Flow Racks are modular solutions.

We create solutions that are able to make the most of the spaces in warehouses and production sites, arranging the materials in a clearly visible and organized way.

Thanks to the Flow Racks it is possible to monitor the progress of stocks, because your materials are always visible, guaranteeing an optimized picking process.

They are not just for the automotive sector, but they can adapt to the different needs of each manufacturing sector and are able to support companies in the lean transition process.

Modular Flow Racks

This type of solutions, which can be both static and dynamic, therefore modular and flexible, create dynamic, efficient and ergonomic picking.

Modular Flow Racks
Modular Flow Racks

Some types of Flow Rack

Despite they are perfectly modular and reconfigurable solutions, we present some types of Flow Racks, in order to better organize the warehouse and the production site.

They are in 2022 necessary elements to store your materials, let’s see some examples:

Flow Rack with the return lanes for empty boxes

Modular Flow Rack

These solutions use empty return lanes, which can create a continuous production flows.

The empty boxes are placed on special lanes, so that the operators do not have to enter in the production area to load and unload the boxes.

We recommend these types of solutions, because they are able to bring different advantages, including:

  • rapidity in the supply of the necessary parts for production
  • reduction of production “waiting times”
  • space optimization in the workplace

For ergonomic reasons, we insert the empty return lanes in the lower or upper part of the flow rack, or we design, as in this case, multi-span solutions.

Modular Flow Rack

Kanban Flow Racks

Modular Flow Rack

The Kanban Flow Racks are placed inside the facilities, in strategic positions for storing materials. They reduce material handling times and transport along production lines.

Flow Rack with L-worktop support

Modular Flow Racks

These particular solutions have one or more support plans for the operators.

This allows them to avoid unnecessary and non-value-added operations, bringing materials closer to your collaborators.

The top can be extendable or foldable, so as to optimize space management.

Complete workstations with Flow Rack

Modular Flow Racks

In this case, the work benches are connected through slightly inclined roller conveyors, creating a continuous flow of work.

The operators process one piece at a time, passing it to the next station, using the flow rack.

This also allows them to reduce unnecessary movement which can damage physical health.

FIFO Workstation

Modular Flow Rack with workstation

The Flow Rack can be easily integrated with a workbench, creating a FIFO (First in First out) station.

It brings the materials necessary for the assembly directly to the operator, and at the same time by inserting lanes for the empty boxes return, space is freed from the workstation.

An advantage in terms of time, costs and space management.

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We will evaluate all your requests through our technical office, which will design a bespoke solution, which adapts to the layout of your production site.

We provide solutions that improve your production processes, modular, durable and easy to manage.


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