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Gravity shelves
Test of our gravity shelves for workstations, made for assembly lines.

Managing the logistics processes taking place within a company is very complex. Supply chain management requires a clear vision taking into account several intertwined factors.
BgLog’s mission is finding the winning combination for each customer.

Always interested in the organizational aspects of factories , we have been specialized in Lean Manufacturing from more than 20 years. We believe that continuous process improvement and product innovation are crucial nowadays and we help our customers as a real partner in order to develop their business ideas. How? By designing and assembling all the hardware essential for the production areas and warehouses.

Some examples of our creations are gravity shelves, workstations, carts and internal handling systems, picking shelving and gravity wharehouses. But also complete assembly lines and LCA (Low Cost Automation) systems.

Our products range includes all the signage and visual management parts.


Flow Racks
Flow Rack render

Looking to the future, constant growth and always being competitive is part of us.

BG LOG UK was formed in 2020 and has since provided a credible and cost effective option for Automotive, Aerospace and Warehouse Fulfilment businesses who required a reliable suppler to provide a sustainable product in timely manner.

With our highly experienced team in terms of Lean Management and CI implementation techniques, and the capability to work hand in hand with your Lean engineers and facilitators , we can design your solution and build here in the UK , using a robust, 28mm range of steel materials that provides structural support and satisfies QHSE requirements.

Our concept is based on the design, implementation and construction of complete and fully operational solutions. We select and provide the best materials for your project, and we offer all the advice you need to best exploit your solution, as well as constant support with a sharp focus on safety.

All our realizations are made with Lean Manufacturing materials, wich are:

Tubes and brackets

Visual accessories





Work Plans


Blackboards and plastic containers


Gravity shelves
Gravity shelves

Lean Manufacturing helps our companies to optimize production processes and BG Log UK offers a further optimization. Because we give you an “all-in-oneapproach, from the analysis of the current status to the implementation of the identified lean solutions.

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